Caught their Eyes

Meet the brothers Spot & Junior who were recently adopted by Sheba & Rahul.

Spot & Junior were very timid and were found hiding for most of the initial time that they were at the Studio. The only time we could get actual photographs were when they were comfortable hiding in places and crates. Although a lot of time was taken, they slowly began to come out and explore; which was the exact moment they caught Sheba & Rahul’s eyes.

In the new pet parents’ words, “Since the time Spot & Junior got home, they’ve been getting bolder. Spot used to hide behind our washing machine, sometimes with Junior as well. Now, both of them are seen anywhere except behind the washing machine. They enjoy playing with us and think that every time we enter the kitchen, it is only for feeding them. We had bought cat toys so that we could play with them. However, they are only interested in playing with us when we wave around an ordinary piece of thread that is used to hold up pants. We look forward to much more silliness and love from our boys.”

Guess, they’re not so shy anymore. That’s all we aspired them to be. Wishing the family all the silly, lovely memories ahead!