Kiki & Panda find their forever home

Meet Faraasha and Fareed, Content Writer and Assistant Manager by day; wife and husband every day for three years now. *teehee* Faraasha and Fareed have always wanted pets. Most appreciative factor is that they are against purchasing of animals and had 0 problem with adopting older cats. Hence, they decided to adopt Panda and Kiki through The Cat Studio.

On asking how their first day with them cuties was, Faraasha said, “We were quite nervous on our first day with the babies. We wanted them to be comfortable and wondered how long they would take to adjust to the house and us. All the yowling was a little nerve-wracking and worrisome but after a few hours it lessened. The next day they were play fighting and sleeping as if they’d been at our place forever. We watched as they chose their favourite spots in the house and cleared it all out for them! The TV spot is no longer the TV spot haha!

We didn’t force our affections on them and gave them plenty of space to come to us, but that wasn’t necessary either! They were asking for cuddles in no time! Panda likes to give little lovebites before their morning feed. They don’t hurt but definitely make me jump after I’ve just woken up! Kiki always comes over for a cuddle when he’s called. It’s great watching them just be together as well.

All in all, the two of us are very smitten with them and glad we chose to adopt. They’re full of love and definitely great stress busters!”

Thank you Faraasha and Fareed!

We also thank Melissa Marak for fostering Panda and Kiki for two whole months. Although not much of a cat person, she still took great care of them dearly.

Two other people who contributed to Panda and Kiki’s well-being are Irfana and Shabana. They sponsored food and took up their medical expenses. Thank you two!

We are forever grateful that our cats have/are getting their FURever homes.