Queen Tulo to Queen Iris

If you have ever visited us recently, you would have come across a poised, in-control, white fluffy cloud walking around, usually camouflaged as in the picture above. Well, that is Tulo. Oh, sorry, ‘Queen’ Tulo…

Tulo is one with heterochromia, which is a difference in colouration, in her case, she has different coloured eyes.

Tulo has been adopted by Niharika, having had her very first flight to Mumbai where she presently resides. Niharika’s family has given her the most grand welcome at the Airport, to their home and into their hearts. Tulo is said to be bossing around the other two cats at Niharika’s place, namely Michael and Cole. Nothing has changed about her bossiness from Bangalore’s The Cat Studio to her Mumbai home *teehee*.

Tulo has been renamed Iris. When we obviously knew why and still asked Niharika, she replied, “It’s the eyes! 

In Niharika’s words, “How lucky we are to have such a unique beauty!”

We wish the family of Queen Iris, Prince Michael, Prince Cole and all the other humans a very happy life, together purrever