How can I support The Cat Studio?

The Cat Studio would have never reached these heights if it wasn’t for some kind people and their love and affection. You too can help us in many ways. We have listed some of them below but feel free to have a discussion with us if you think you can do something else.

Donations in Kind

We do not accept money. Phew! Now that we’ve addressed the 800-pound gorilla, let’s talk about the specially designed e-store that our cats have. Everything that they need is available there. All you have to do is purchase them for the lovely cats at the studio. We will get them delivered very quickly.

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Spending time and paying for it

The studio charges for all visitors. This allows us to raise money for the studio’s upkeep and also pay for keeping the environment as cat-friendly as we can. The time charges are very minimal when compared to the love that the cats shower at you when you enter their zone. The charges per person are Rs. 50 for the first 15 minutes & Rs. 70 for every additional half an hour.

Find Us

Did you know that the signboard outside was a volunteer’s idea?

Did you know that the cat-graffiti that adorns the studio walls was a volunteer’s idea?

Did you know that these very words are also a volunteer’s idea?

You get the drift, right. You can always volunteer with us to make the whole experience better. Volunteering could be as simple as writing up a facebook post about your experience and exhorting your friends to visit us.

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