September 14, 2016

Visit this studio for some cat cuddles

25th April 2016 | Times Of India

BENGALURU: Techie Vishanth R was on his fours with Kiki, a bright-eyed cat, crouching on his back. As he tried to get her off, Pillu, another cat, jumped over the bookshelf and settled there, eyeing other inmates of The Cat Studio, a facility where one can cuddle up to feline inmates and even adopt them.

Pillu had been found abandoned by a Bengalurean, who immediately alerted Vishanth, co-founder of the studio. She joined the other cats on Saturday night.

Cat lovers Vishanth and his wife Osha Shetty started the studio at Jeevan Bima Nagar this January. “Initially, we thought of opening a cafe for rescued cats but it didn’t work out. For now, we have converted an X-ray and stock room of a veterinary clinic into a cat studio where potential cat parents can experience what it is like to live with one,” said Vishanth, pointing to the glass windows that had tiny paw marks all over them.

Vishanth spends his weekends at the studio, playing host to visitors who walk in craving for some cat company. He visits the place twice a day during the week to feed the cats. There is a round-the-clock volunteer to ensure their well-being.

“We see a lot of visitors during weekends, especially officegoers who want to come and cuddle them for a while. Some literally talk to them. Others try to understand the commitment of having a cat at home,” explained the 31-year-old.

Soothing music in the background keeps the felines entertained. “Though we help with rescuing and adoption of cats, the studio is primarily a place to spend time with the furry inmates and destress after a long day. We had some cots in the room which have been ruined, thanks to the cats,” said Vishanth.

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